About Us

The BCDC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Belleville neighborhoods and providing quality homes to buyers whose incomes are below 80% of the area median income, as defined by HUD.

We build or renovate homes using both first-rate contractors. We sell the homes at below-market rate so our families have instant equity in a well constructed home. We are made up of a volunteer board and 1 part time employee in an effort to keep overhead down so that all of our money goes towards helping others.


The Belleville CDC is a not-for-profit, Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), dedicated to improving the housing stock of Belleville, Illinois and to making home ownership a reality for low to moderate income buyers. We do this by acquiring distressed homes, which we completely renovate, ensurinthe homes meet or exceed all standards for health and safety. These homes are then sold to qualified buyerwhose income meets HUD’s Low to Moderate income guidelines.

We improve neighborhoods and the lives of their citizens by providing quality homes to stable, responsible home owners.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the City of Belleville through advocacy, and investment in distressed neighborhoods.  This will be accomplished through rehabilitation of residential properties thus returning them to the city tax base.  In doing so we will help to  create safer, healthier, sustainable neighborhoods.  These properties will be offered for sale to buyers with low to moderate income with the design to help individuals and families who might have struggled to purchase a home.


  • Foster neighborhood-based community leadership in the belief that neighborhoods must guide their own development. Active neighborhood leadership is essential to stable, thriving neighborhoods.
  • Facilitate home ownership among working families via appropriate education and support. Low to moderate income families can succeed as home owners, enhancing their families’ financial and social well-being and contributing to the City and to their neighborhood.
  • Partner with new and existing neighborhood projects to foster the rehabilitation and re-use of older business and residential properties, contributing to healthy neighborhood growth.
  • Collaborate on infill development projects, with a variety of partners, replacing lost housing.
  • Rehabilitate residential properties and return them to the city’s housing stock and tax base.